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Step 5: Check Your Image.

The fully-scanned image will then appear. Look it over to make sure it was what you wanted - the area of the photo you wanted to scan, the right cropping, etc. If not, close the image and return to Step Two. Otherwise, depending on the size of your image, you might want to re-position the image window on your screen, just to have enough room to work with before proceeding to the next step: Re-sizing your image.


Step 6: Choose "Resample" or "RESIZE" from the "IMAGE" menu.

In order to make your image the correct size, select the "IMAGE" menu, click and scroll down to "Resample." or "RESIZE" It is critical that you resample (resize) your image, rather than just re-sizing it, in order to keep it from becoming "blotchy." Following these directions will take you to the next pop-up window...