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Step 11: Complete The Save.

After the "File Preferences" window closes, you'll be taken back to the "Save As" window. Take this opportunity to double-check that your image is named according to the COMMREX Photo Codes specification. When you're certain everything is in order, simply click the "Save" button. Your file name should be something like 1234el.jpg (propertyid+two letter code)



Be sure to check your photo in an internet browser to see how it will look on-line. Once you're satisfied, you'll have a completed, scanned and properly named image, ready to upload on any COMMREX site, or send via email MIME file attachment to If you need further instructions, check back over this tutorial, and also consult the user manuals for both your particular scanner, and especially for PaintShop Pro 4.0. If you follow these directions, you should achieve perfect photos every time.